Here’s What You Missed


at the Million Dollar Club Luncheon:

Chris Carr, commissioner of the Georgia Department of Economic Development, gave the keynote. We learned a lot from him – including Chris can ‘crush’ karaoke! Chris also spoke about partnerships, as they are a huge reason it is a great time to do business in the Metro Atlanta region right now.

Governor Deal has created several initiatives to find out what companies need to be successful in Georgia, including the High-Demand Career Initiative, to assist with workforce development and eliminating sales tax on energy and manufacturing. Chris reminded the luncheon attendees that his department is willing to work with all companies and industries and offer resources to help drive success in Georgia.

The Commissioner discussed some of the hot areas Georgia is currently attracting, and also what is drawing them to our state. Four areas he mentioned were: headquarters, international (especially German and Japanese), automotive and innovation. These companies – including Mercedes and Keurig Green Mountain – are attracted to Georgia for many reasons, including: existing infrastructure, world class university system, outdoor activities, culture, climate and our geographic proximity to Hartsfield-Jackson and ports. Speaking of innovation, Chris told attendees that of the $4.7 trillion in transactions that occur worldwide, Georgia companies are responsible for 75 percent, thanks to our booming financial transactions industry.

Chris reminded us that Georgia moves at the speed of business, and companies from across the world are noticing.

Click here to view a complete video of the program.