Honoring Representative John Lewis

Visiting Washington, DC annually at the NAIOP Leadership and Legislative Retreat, gave many of us thru the years the opportunity to meet on Capitol Hill with our representatives on critical issues.  Rep. John Lewis always took the time meet with us, listen, ask questions and then graciously and humbly walk us through his wall of pictures of the Civil Rights Movement and History in his office.  While the discussion included commercial real estate, it never failed that we would learn so much more from his wisdom and our meetings would touch each of us on a deep level. 

He was always on the right side of history and will certainly be forever missed. It was our honor to be in his presence, and as we commit to Move Forward Together, his vision for hope and equality will serve as our guide.

Thank you to everyone who donated and came out to the NAIOP GA Food and Fund Drive!

In just two weeks, we were able to raise over $45,000 and donate over 1,700 pounds of food to the Atlanta Community Food Bank, making this the largest single team donation in their 41 year history! 

We did it!  TOGETHER!

We could not have done this without the efforts of so many dedicated NAIOP members and their companies.  In particular, we’d like to give a special shout out to Prologis for their $25,000 contribution!

“As the country and Georgia respond to the coronavirus outbreak,
Prologis is proud to support organizations like the Atlanta Community Food Bank, which is on the frontlines of fighting hunger,” said Kent Mason, senior vice president and Atlanta market officer, Prologis. “Through our COVID-19 relief fund, we recognize the important work they are doing to assist vulnerable populations in metro Atlanta during these unprecedented times.”


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